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Based out of Washington, DC, Virginia native Drew Gibson has been lauded for his finger-picking ability, as well as his heartfelt and lyrical songwriting style. The self-taught guitar player has independently released two full-length albums, gaining national and international attention from music writers and listeners alike. Drew is currently recording his third effort, entitled "1532," which will be released in late 2014. The upcoming album will encompass themes of gaining strength to triumph over loss while moving positively through life in remembrance of those we love.


In 2007 Richmond, Virginia native and Washington, DC resident, Drew Gibson, released his debut album, Letterbox. Upon its release the self-taught guitar player started to get some attention. With its roots and acoustic blues sound Letterbox definitely struck the right chord with critics. “An independent release deserving mainstream attention,” wrote David Kleiner of Mintor7th.com. “An artist with enormous writing, picking, and vocal chops.” Letterbox also garnered positive reviews from USA Today and the Washington Post. In 2008 The Washington Area Music Association nominated the record for Best Debut Album and Drew was nominated for Best New Artist.

In December of 2011, Gibson released his follow-up to Letterbox. The album, entitled The Southern Draw, was slowly crafted over a period of four years. Produced by longtime friend and musician, Paul Curreri, The Southern Draw, was recorded in Charlottesville, Virginia, mostly in Curreri’s home studio, and skillfully blended indie sounds of blues, alt-country, and folk. With more guitars, more drums, more vocals, and more keyboards, The Southern Draw featured a wall of sound with a more electric feel than Gibson’s debut, but still drew from the same songwriting well.

In 2013 Drew began working on his third album, and this time around will take credit as co-producer. The project began at Small World Music Studio in Charlottesville, Virginia, with producer Bobby Read, and is now continuing towards the finish line in the DC area with producer Marco Delmar at Recording Arts Studio. Delmar also helmed Drew’s debut.

The upcoming record, called “1532,” is dedicated to Gibson’s father, who passed away in 2012. The album will focus on family members and their stories with an overarching theme encompassing the memories of loved ones and the triumph over loss.

  • An album's worth of lyric drafts, charts, song notes, thoughts & research. "1532" is almost done. #newalbum #DCmusic #songwriting
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  • New album "1532" releases next month. It's been an incredible journey.
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